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Frequently asked questions

How do I order my Parcel Safe?

We are only local right now, if you live in the Tulsa or surrounding area please contact (918) 949-5990.

How will it be delivered?

One of our representative will deliver and install it for $99, or you may install it yourself with our easy to follow instructions.

How long until I get my parcel safe?

Since our units are custom made, it will typically take between 2-3 weeks once your order is processed. 

What are the box dimensions?

Custom sizing is available. Standard boxes are 2x2x2 and 2x2x3 

Where do I get the lock?

The lock is sold separately and will require a $5/month subscription. 

What do I need to use the BoxLock lock?

  1. Wi-fi connection (2.4 Ghz required)

  2. BoxLock mobile app for Android or iPhone.