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Over 26 million packages are stolen each year.

Don't be a victim. 

 Introducing Parcel Safe. The secure system for protecting your valuable packages. 

Over 30% of the population has experienced the theft of a package and your odds of becoming a victim are increasing every day. More than 26 million packages are stolen each year and with more consumers shopping online, Parcel Safe is a necessary amenity for all homeowners. 

Parcel Safe keeps your packages safe from porch pirates.

Once installed, you Parcel Safe can only be opened by you or the parcel delivery company, providing you peace of mind knowing that your packages are safe and secure. 

Parcel Safe can be installed almost anywhere.

Secure it to your porch, sidewalk or driveway. The flexibility and custom color options also allow it be installed directly into your home.

"Porch Pirates" a growing epidemic.

Glitter bombs, video surveillance or neighborhood alerts can't protect your packages, Parcel Safe can.  

"People are installing doorbell cameras to catch thieves in the act. Unfortunately, at that point, your package is already gone."